Credit Card Processing

We offer the best service at the best rates. As an agent of one of the top processors of Visa, Mastercard, and Discover our volume allows us to negotiate very favorable rates with our vendors, making it possible for us to provide our customers with the most competitive rates in the industry

GiftCard / Loyalty Program

Gift Cards are an innovative way to improve customer loyalty and combat the problem of gift certificate fraud. Unlike paper gift certificates, gift cards are extremely difficult to counterfeit and they provide a full audit trail from the time the card is purchased until the last penny is spent.

Business Funding / Cash Advance

We understand what it truly takes to run a successful business – passion, know how and a lot of hard work. As a small business funding company, we know that, at times, it also takes cash. Unlike banks, we don’t offer online business loan options, instead we offer a second source funding option that is fast and reliable – small business cash advances.

Mobile Marketing / Church by Mobile

Mobile marketing is the art and science of advertising your message, brand, or product through cell phone text messages. Each message carries a coupon or advertisement to an opt-in database of your target customers. Each database is created by placing signage at your location, on the web, or in traditional marketing. A client sees a sign and texts a quick code into their phone, and then sends it to your number. Once received, that person is added to your database as a loyal customer wanting more important notifications from you. The best thing is that a message you send to your clients can easily be forwarded from their cell phone to another and so on. Loyal. Viral. Powerful.