Cash Advance / Business Funding / Capital Funding

We understand what it truly takes to run a successful business – passion, know how and a lot of hard work. As a small business funding company, we know that, at times, it also takes cash. Unlike banks, we don’t offer online business loan options, instead we offer a second source funding option that is fast and reliable – small business cash advances. These small business cash advance solutions allow clients to convert their future credit card sales into immediate cash. If you have ever dealt with a bank you know there is no such thing as fast small business loans; use our quick, flexible cash advances and get the cash you need today.

Convert your future Visa and MasterCard sales into immediate cash now!

Have you been turned down for a small business loan?
Do you have bad credit?
Do you need quick access to cash?
Do you need business funding, restaurant financing or a business cash advance?


We enable you to use the power of your existing credit card sales to get the cash you need today without the hassle and frustration of applying for a small business loan. We are the preferred alternative to small business loans and we serve the needs of merchants, small businesses, and restaurants in ways that traditional business lenders, including banks, cannot. We will show you how to unlock the value of your business and get the cash you need today – without incurring any debt! Whether you need $5,000 or $150,000 we can help you get the money you need today.