At Token Payment Systems, we simplify credit card processing. We offer a comprehensive range of services including a full line of equipment, fast approval, and personalized customer support.

For you as the merchant, allowing your customers to pay for purchases or services with credit or debit cards, you enhance their purchasing power and may, ultimately, increase your sales and profitability. Using one of our IP/DSL enabled terminal or software programs make the transaction time even faster.

With state-of-the-art products and services, we assist with a wide range of merchant types in accepting credit cards. We are committed to meeting all your processing needs and we’ll provide your business with the most competitive rates around. With the benefit of inhouse customer services, our business clients receive fast, personlized assistance that is unmatched in the transaction processing industry.

All Businesses Welcome
We are committed to helping businesses grow and prosper. We welcome your application, whether you have been in business for ten days or ten years.

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